What are the benefits of choosing a lettings agency like Prop Home that uses online automation & the latest technology to manage properties?

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June 30, 2021
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July 30, 2021

The lockdown has changed the way we approach many things in life. Meetings are now regularly conducted online, rather than face to face; online sales of clothes, food and products for the home have soared and friends are even choosing to meet and chat online, rather than in person.

What are the benefits of choosing a lettings agency like Prop Home that uses online automation & the latest technology to manage properties?
Technology has moved on rapidly and the way that lettings agents did things in the past has been revolutionised and landlords are looking for a fresh approach to managing their properties. The more traditional ‘high street’ lettings agents often have high overheads and have not invested in online technology to keep costs down, which means they can be seen as expensive and ‘out of touch’.

When launching our business, we talked to dozens of landlords about what they were looking for from a lettings agent and set about building a completely unique offering. Many of them wanted better communication between the agency and the landlord and to have easy access online to a range of services relating to their property. We set out to create a property HUB that met their requirements exactly and which is easily accessible by both landlords and tenants.

Through our HUB we offer a unique online property management service where landlords can access all the processes that are needed for professional lettings and both you and your tenants can log in and fulfil all the legal and procedural requirements required online. You are prompted with exactly what you need to do and when, with reminders about deadlines that are coming up, so you don’t miss them.

As we use the latest property tech, our landlords receive a better service with transparent fee structures. In addition, with our service, landlords can be assured they will receive a really competitive, usable and effective solution for the long term.

The Prop Home HUB is revolutionary in the market and offers landlords a completely seamless service.

Features of our HUB (online system):

We accept digital signatures, making it much simpler and omitting need for hard copy paper
Enables national property viewings
Inventory check ins and check outs are made easy
Easy handling of deposits
Same day Rent payments
Online mainternance reporting
Easy system for carrying out references, utility management and insurance.
A really important benefit to our landlords is that we offer national coverage through our HUB. This means that no matter where you are in the World, or your property is located in the UK, either in Shanghai or Sheffield, you can access and manage your properties easily online.

Prop Home is a professional online lettings and property management agency. We offer competitive rates and a transparent service that landlords trust. We provide a highly personalised and unique landlord experience; this includes everything from an initial free consultation through to full management and all landlord services in between. The business is owned by Paul Harrison and David Wright, who collectively have over 40 years’ experience in the property management and lettings business.

For more information, call 0345 8686 868 or email info@prophome.co.uk.

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