Services Offered by Property Management Company to Non-UK Residents in Buying a UK Property

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Searching and buying a property from overseas can be difficult and challenging, especially when you are not able to go physically to the property’s location. But there are ways like hiring a local property agency to help you to get all the tasks done flawlessly.

Prop Home Ltd has been in the industry for years and our property specialists and management team members are all equipped all the knowledge and expertise that can assist buyers to purchase their preferred properties with hassles and in a timely manner.

Below we have listed in details the whole process of buying a second-hand property in United Kingdom (UK) so that you will fully understand every stage thoroughly.

Stage 1: Understanding Your Need

Our property specialists will need to know your need. We will send you a questionnaire with similar questions as follows:

– What your intention of buying the property?
– What is the usage of the property? Is it for your own use to live there? Is it for an investment purpose? Is it going to be a buy-to-let property?
– Do you have any preferred location?
– Do you have any preferred property type?
– What is your budget for the property?

Stage 2: Research and Analysis

Our team of expertise in UK will do local market research and analysis. We will render buyers report and analysis of the market which includes macro analysis of the overall UK market and regional market as well as the micro analysis of the district and neighborhood trend and data of property valuation and rental income.

Stage 3: Direct Personal Consultation Section

We will arrange an online consultation section with the buyers. We will conduct a further analysis of the buyers’ personal financial status and render commendations on financial and mortgage arrangement (if needed). Buyers can also take the chance of getting any of their queries answered with our property specialist.

Stage 4: Signing of Agreement

As required by the UK laws and regulations, we can only act on behalf of the buyers with a proper authorization. Also, signing of the sourcing agreement can protect both the parties rights so that we can get the job done without further delays.

Stage 5: Starting of the Searching of Properties

Our UK team members will start the search from our data base as well as from other online and offline sources. Once we found the properties that meet your preferred criteria, we will dispatch our professional team to visit the properties physically. On-site reports with details of written description, photos and videos will be provided to the buyers.

Stage 6: Initial Offering to the Target Property

If buyers are happy with the properties’ condition and offered price, we will contact the property owners and make an offer on the buyers’ behalf. If the offer is not accepted, we will continue to talk to the property owners and see whether there are any counter-offers or any other ways we can close the deal. At the same time, our search and offer can continue until we can find any other preferred properties that we can close the deal.

Stage 7: Carrying Out Legal Compliance & Other Processes

Once the offer is accepted by the property owner, we will contact our trusted solicitor, property surveyor, mortgage broker, banking institution and other specialists needed to proceed the purchase of the property.

Stage 8: Following Up the Progress

We will ensure that all the different parties participating into the legal and various purchase procedures are doing their job right and on schedule. Our property specialist will provide information, knowledge and experience to the buyers during the whole process. We will try all our best to make sure the buyers will find the transactions are done professionally, flawlessly, seasonably and their satisfaction are guaranteed.

Stage 9: Transaction Completed

We will follow up the whole process of the transaction until it is completed and the ownership of the premises are settled. We will do the final check up for the buyer and hand in the key of the property to the buyer.

Stage 10: Further Tasks

There could be further tasks relating to the property brought like small repair works, decoration, renovation plus the buyers’ needs for buying furniture, removal or even finding potential tenants if the property is intended to create rental income.

In short, buying a property in UK can be complicated but if you can find a professional property management company, it can also be done easily, quickly and professionally. Contact Prop Home Ltd today by calling us at 0345 8686 868 or email us at for a free consultation session.

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