Prop Home: Your Trusted Partner for UK Property Success

Are you a Hong Kong investor seeking to capitalize on the stability and potential of the UK property market? Managing property from afar can be complex, but with Prop Home, you can enjoy a seamless and worry-free experience. We understand the unique challenges faced by Hong Kong investors owning property in the UK. Language barriers, unfamiliar regulations, and geographical distance can create hurdles in managing your investment effectively. Prop Home is here to bridge that gap.


The Prop home difference

Client Awareness

Property management for overseas investors is a different ballgame. Luckily, our founder and CEO has vast experience working in Hong Kong himself and collaborating with international property investors. This means we understand you and your goals better than anyone else.

Customer Service

Unlock the secret to a stress-free landlord experience with our unmatched customer service. Our 5-star quality means that we not only leave your tenants satisfied but also keep you in the loop without adding unnecessary workload on your already full plate.

Lean Operations

Let’s face it, you expect healthy returns from your investment. This is why we keep our operating overhead at the minimum so you can take home more. Premier property management doesn’t have to eat at all your profits. At Prop Home, we guarantee a difference.


Property management is our forte. On top of all the experienced experts running our operations, Prop Home boasts an innovative online system designed to handle the tenants’ and landlords’ needs. To say the least, we understand the ins and out of property management and have the tools to back up our expertise.

Consolidate your UK property portfolio with our nationwide management services

tailored for hong kong investors

What’s Under the Hood?

A look into the features our online platform offers.

24/7 Access

For both landlords and tenants.

Flexible Viewing Arrangements

Land your dream client.

Digital Signatures

Talk about an overload of convenience.

Easy Document Uploads

Submitting important documents simplified.

Dedicated Maintenance Portal

Nothing falls through the cracks.

Comprehensive Property management for Hong Kong investors owning UK property

The Minds Behind This Venture

Who precipitated this operation? Our two founders, that’s who. Take a look at their rich profiles and see why they offer the safest hands to have your property portfolio under.

Paul Harrison (CEO)
With over 25 years of experience in property management, development, and renovation, Paul brings rich industry knowledge to the table. Coupled with his extensive work experience in Hong Kong and the Middle East, his profile makes Paul just the person you want managing your property portfolio.
David Wright (COO)
Our COO David Wright has 15+ years of experience in sales, lettings, management and surveying. As a Chartered Surveyor, he excels in daily operations. With deep industry knowledge, David understands the UK property market extremely well, making him a valuable asset for portfolio management and growth.

your property portfolio managed

Have your entire portfolio expertly managed by our dedicated team.

At Prop Home, we are more than just your property managers. We are about extracting maximum value from your current properties and helping you add more to your portfolio. Check out our full range of services.

Beyond Property Management

Property Analysis

Building a solid property portfolio is hard work; we make it effortless. Our team will help you research and provide a free report on the area you’re investing in. From sales valuations to rental valuation, yield calculations, and other economic data, get access to the real-time metrics your investment’s success depends on.

Free Rental Valuation

Are you getting the most out of your investment? Ask our experts. Our free rental valuation dives into the specifics of each local market and checks whether your rents are both optimum and competitively priced. Talk to our team and find out today.

Property Purchases

Thinking of acquiring a new buy-to-rent? Our specialty lies in pre-screened, high-yield, completed and tenanted properties. Thanks to our vast database and many local experts, we’ll help you analyze any potential deals in your hands. If you prefer, our team can handle everything and source your next deal for you.

Property Sales

At some point, every investor thinks of selling. When you get there, Prop Home is still your ideal partner. We go the full mile by not only appraising your property but also guiding you on the sale approach. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your investment.

Overseas Property Management Redefined

First-time or seasoned investor, small landlord or large fund manager, our strategic services are tailored to meet your unique needs and save you time and money. You don’t want to trust just anyone with your hard-earned investment. That’s what makes Prop Home your ideal property management company.

Client Connection

We boast a deep understanding of the foreign investor/landlord market segment.

Market awareness

With top industry leaders within our ranks, we know the UK buy-to-rent property market like the back of our hands.

Customer Service

Keeping you and your tenants satisfied is our strength. Our excellent customer service means nothing gets swept under the rug.

Rich expertise

The Prop Home team has unrivaled combined experience in different sectors of the industry.

Robust platform

Our online platform is up 24/7 to serve both you and your tenants.

overseas property management

Our strategic services tailored to meet your unique needs as a foreign investor or landlord.

Let’s work together

Get a free no obligation quote and let’s show you what we can do for you.



We provide a full range of services to help investors maximise returns, from property analysis and purchasing to sales and tailored management for overseas landlords. Our expertise goes beyond basic property management.

Our team can provide property research, valuations, and yield calculations to analyze potential deals. We also have access to a database of pre-screened, high-yield buy-to-let properties that we can recommend based on your investment goals.

Our property management services are tailored specifically for overseas investors and landlords. From our online platform to dedicated account management, we streamline portfolio oversight and provide robust reporting. Our expertise with the overseas investor market is unmatched.