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Prop Home have designed an automated process backed by customer service which ensures that we can look after your tenants and the property they are living in with high efficacy and very human attentiveness. Our platform gives you 24/7 access to what is happening with your portfolio at a time to suit you.

Prop Homes portfolio management is not only a service aimed at professional landlords, it is also very transparent, especially around fees.

Prop Home’s letting platform is not only for Landlords, it also gives tenants a simple and effective way to contact us, organise inspections and perform maintenance with minimum disruption to them or you.

Landlord Property Sales

We understand that in every Landlord’s Buy To Let Journey there is a time to sell. Prop Home are here to help and advise on the value and method of your property.

Property Management

Prop Home are here to save Landlord’s time and money and to take the hassle out of owning rental properties. Call us today for an unbeatable fee package and service.

Landlord Property Analysis

Many Landlord’s find a property and then wonder about location, rental market and values. Prop Home are here to help our Landlord’s analyse their next deal or even source it for them.


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