Welcome to our COMPOSED management package.

Are you tired of paying over the odds for basic property management services?

Then let us introduce you to Prop Homes COMPOSED property management package.

This is Prop Homes most popular package and our most cost effective management package.

You can leave Prop Home to manage your property in return for a very competitive fixed monthly fee. Whist managing your property Prop Home will organise any additional services that you may need. You simply pay for the services you need and Prop Home will organise everything and make sure it gets done. Whether its gas safety, electrical certification or maintenance Prop Home are on hand to make sure your property, your tenant and your income is looked after.

With the Prop Home COMPOSED package you are agreeing to pay a fixed monthly fee for every property you instruct us to manage. For additional services you simply pay the specific published fee for the specific service you require and Prop Home will manage all the operational processes, looking after your interests all the way. Currently the monthly management fee is £58.80 including VAT. This service excludes within the M25 and excludes Scotland.

We would be delighted to help you save time and money so please contact us today to find out more about the Prop Home COMPOSED management package.

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